Somethin’ mighty strange is goin’ down in Hicksville, Arkansas

Screening date6 Mar 24

Hey, y’all! Welcome to Hicksville, where things are about to get wilder than a rodeo clown on a unicycle!


Picture this: this ancient, spooky tree house looming over our town like a big ol’ shadow. And lemme tell ya, ain’t nobody been near that thing since forever.


But now, folks are seeing purple lights flickering from its windows and hearing noises that’ll make your hair stand on end, like a cat screeching at midnight.


Every night like clockwork, same time, same freaky show!


Now, I ain’t no detective, but even I can see somethin’ ain’t right. ‘Cause these weird happenings? They’re spreadin’ faster than gossip at a bake sale.


From Main Street to the outskirts, the whole town’s caught up in some spooky whirlwind.


So, it’s up to a bunch of local misfits to crack this nut before Hicksville turns into a ghost town central.


Can we unravel the mystery of the creepy tree house before it’s too late? Or are we destined to be just another story in the town’s haunted history?


Buckle up, y’all, ‘cause this will be one heck of a ride through the weirdest corner of Arkansas you ever saw!

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