In Statera

GenreThriller, Sci-Fi
Screening date19 Feb 24

In the heart of an ancient tribe, a monumental revelation occurs as they uncover a luminous, reflective mask concealed within the depths of a sacred tomb.


This mysterious artifact bestows upon them extraordinary abilities—prophetic visions of the future and an unparalleled capacity to absorb knowledge at lightning speed.


However, the price for these gifts is a profound state of meditation known as “IN STATERA”


As the tribe delves into the secrets of the mask, they grapple with the delicate balance between two realms: the allure of altering destiny through glimpses of the future and the necessity of being present in the here and now.


In the pursuit of “IN STATERA” they navigate the thin line between foresight and the richness of the present moment.


Yet, with every vision comes a cost—the struggle to maintain equilibrium. The tribe learns that excessive reliance on the mask risks detachment from reality, sacrificing the beauty of the present for glimpses of what’s to come.


As they strive for harmony, the tribe faces a profound journey of self-discovery, exploring the boundaries of their newfound powers and the sacrifices required to find true balance between the allure of tomorrow and the richness of today.

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