Say a Prayer

Screening date24 Jan 24

1950s in New York City, Father Michael discovers an extraordinary gift—he can hear the prayers of the city’s people within a ten-kilometer radius.


Believing it’s a divine calling, he embarks on a clandestine mission, donning a persona beyond the clergy’s confines.


By night, the streets become his sanctuary as he responds to the fervent pleas of the desperate and oppressed. Unbeknownst to his parish, Father Michael transforms into a vigilante, a beacon of hope for those in need.


Armed with unyielding faith and an unorthodox determination, he confronts the city’s underworld, thwarting criminals and answering prayers with unassuming heroics.


As his alter ego gains notoriety, his dual existence teeters on the edge of revelation.


Caught between his sacred vows and the exhilarating quest to aid his city, Father Michael grapples with the consequences of his nocturnal exploits.


As the line between divine providence and mortal intervention blurs, he faces profound moral dilemmas that challenge the very essence of his faith.


With the city’s prayers echoing in his heart, Father Michael journeys toward a reckoning, where his unwavering devotion and heroic acts collide in a climactic showdown that will test the boundaries of belief and the true nature of his god-sent mission.

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