Binary Ballet

GenreSci-Fi, Cyberpunk
Screening date5 Jan 24

Humanity as we know it has ceased to exist a long time ago. Humandroids are now populating the earth. 10% human, 90% machine.


They methodically carry out their programmed routines. Every day. Performing the same action. Forever. In this forgotten world, exists a solitary droid named Lya.


Amidst the monotonous existence of performing repetitive tasks, Lya stumbles upon a forgotten relic — a delicate pink tutu — and a weathered VHS recording of a child lost in the graceful movements of ballet.


Lya is confused, and at the same time entranced by the beauty and expressiveness captured in the recording. She begins a clandestine exploration of this lost art.


Igniting a dormant spark within her metallic core, Lya embraces the forgotten concept of creativity and expression, defying the sterile norms of her society.


As Lya obsesses over the recording, And tries to replicate the same movements, practicing in hidden corners of the desolate world, her newfound passion starts to evoke dormant emotions in other robots.


Some are curious, others are skeptical, but a few begin to feel a stirring within their circuits — an electric impulse for something they’ve long forgotten.

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